Environment America Seeks to Stop Rep. John Boehner from Cutting 180,000 Green Jobs

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Image via Environment America

It ain't exactly smooth sailing for this stimulus bill Mr. Obama is hoping to pass, if you hadn't heard. Republicans have problems with it. Democrats have problems with it. It's been full days of intensive, tense negotiations to no avail, with every single tenet of the bill being analyzed—and that means the portion that would supposedly create 180,000 green jobs hasn't escaped unscathed, either. Evidently, House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner doesn't much like it, and wants to do away with the stipulated $6 billion federal energy conservation program that would create the jobs and develop alternative energy technologies. And Boehner would cut the entire program.

But not if Environment America has anything to say about it.
Environment America, the non-profit, citizen-funded conglomeration of environmental advocacy groups, is spearheading an effort to advertise against Boehner's proposal. (Above is one such advertisement).

The group's strategy is to place a series of advertisements on the web, on highly frequented sites like Facebook (on the pages of Congressional staff members) and on the online newspaper the Hill. So if you're interested in helping preserve the future of green jobs, or want more information about Environment America, head on over to the website and help put the ad where John Boehner and the rest of Congress can see it.

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