Entrepreneur Won't Build Wind Turbines at Turkey "Concentration Camp"

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Dale Vince became one of Britain's richest men building wind turbines, and he's picked fights with French nuclear companies and major utilities in the process (Ecotricity's attempts to brand its biogas efforts the "real British Gas" were not met with amusement in all quarters.) Perhaps his most outspoken issue, however, is meat. As a committed vegan he has already banned red meat from the football club he owns, and in an interview and profile over at Britain's Telegraph newspaper, he reveals why he refused to build wind turbines for a major turkey processor:

When the late turkey producer Bernard Matthews invited Vince to build a wind farm at his factory, Vince, who is vegan, did not merely decline. He said, 'It's a concentration camp. I don't want to be involved in that.

See my own interview with Dale Vince from Ecotricity for more from this wind-power pioneer.

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