Entire Staff of International Cosmetics Company Goes Vegan for World Vegan Day

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To celebrate World Vegan Day today, the 824 staff members of LUSH Cosmetics in North America will forsake meat and dairy in a company-wide bid to go vegan. LUSH is certainly no stranger to ambitious stunts—their staff did get naked to protest excess packaging, after all. This particular move is made in solidarity with the 700,000 practicing vegans in the US, and to generate publicity for LUSH’s vegan-friendly products which make up 76 percent of the company’s inventory. Every LUSH employee has pledged to go vegan for at least a minimum of 24 hours, though most are planning to continue on afterwards. Mercy for Animals, the vegan campaigning group, has volunteered to be on hand to help the LUSH staff in the preliminary stages of going vegan. They’ve given each of the staffers a Vegan Starter Kit, which contains dietary information, vegan recipes, as well as info on the environmental impact of animal agriculture. They’ll get an involved briefing on some of the more complicated aspects of veganism as few potential vegans get the opportunity to do. No word yet on whether they’ll be wearing strictly vegan clothing.

Thankfully, LUSH’s staff already counts 200 hundred full-time vegans among its numbers—who’ll be ready and on-hand for support. There will be vegan themed celebrations and eats in LUSH stores across the country today, as well. Drop by and show your support—or consider going vegan yourself.

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