Enhancing Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future: Business Roundtable's 2009 Progress Report


In 2007, former British Environment Secretary David Miliband delivered a speech in London entitled Green Business is Good Business. In the address, Miliband affirmed his belief in the power of sustainable business. "Ethical and environmental concerns are becoming core business — not as an alternative to making profit but as a route to it. They are reshaping business strategy and operations, not just marketing and corporate donations," he said. "In many countries, businesses and financial institutions are ahead of the politicians in understanding the risks and opportunities of climate change." At Business Roundtable, sustainable business is part of what we live and breathe every day. Our members believe strongly in promoting economic development while simultaneously making a serious commitment to environmental preservation and social responsibility. It's what we mean when we say sustainable growth, and it's at the core of everything we do.

Last year, we released a report on the progress of our member companies participating in the S.E.E. Change (Society, Environment, Economy) program, an initiative that helps our members implement business strategies to measurably improve the environment and quality of life. The report — "SEE"ing Change: 2008 Progress Report — highlighted the progress of the numerous companies participating in the program. This year, we have expanded our report to include the activities of the member companies of Climate RESOLVE (Responsible Environmental Steps, Opportunities to Lead by Voluntary Efforts), which has helped Business Roundtable members control greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and address the challenges of global climate change since 2002. Enhancing Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future: 2009 Progress Report, released in April, contains testimonies from member CEOs about their companies' corporate commitments to climate change, environmental stewardship, social progress and economic growth.

CEO's On YouTube
In all, 77 CEOs participated in this year's report, and you can view some of their personal video testimonials. After reviewing the report and CEO videos, we hope you will see change in the way America's largest companies are thinking, operating and planning for the future. Our members are setting aggressive targets for reduction of GHG emissions, pursuing smarter and more sustainable water usage, increasing energy efficiency and pioneering innovative and renewable energy technologies. They are also looking out for the weakest in our society, developing educational opportunities for inner-city youth, bringing health care techniques and medicines to those most in need and supporting the soldiers who defend our freedom every day.

As CEOs of the world's leading companies, our members are on the front lines both for promoting U.S. prosperity and tackling some of the most intractable sustainability issues head on. That's why Business Roundtable CEOs are so firmly and sincerely resolved to taking the steps necessary to address our nation's most pressing environmental, social and economic challenges, all while promoting economic recovery. They are embracing their obligations and doing business the right way.

In spite of the numerous challenges currently facing America's citizens, communities and companies, Business Roundtable members firmly believe in the promise of a brighter, more prosperous and more sustainable future. That's why we are committed to taking the collective action necessary to make the world better for our children and their children.

We encourage you to read the report and learn for yourself how our CEOs are tackling these challenges and, most importantly, the extraordinary strength, ingenuity and commitment of their employees who make these commitments a reality each and every day.

For more information on the Enhancing Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future: 2009 Progress Report, please click here.

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