"Energy Star @ Work" Online Tool Launches

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Image source: Energy Star @ Work

Two years ago US EPA's Energy Star Program released their Energy Star @ Home tool that allows users to go room by room, clicking on objects and learning about how to save energy left and right. Now the 2.0 version is now available - Energy Star @ Work - allowing users to take their energy savings to work. Energy Star @ Work is still pretty new and most of the tips are not earth shattering, like using the energy savings settings on your computer monitor. But, they also tell you that Energy Star even designates water coolers that chug less energy. The @ Work website also gives tools and suggestions for other ways to green your office, besides the tips given on the interactive tool. One project is to download cards filled with tips that can be used in the next staff meeting to share energy saving advice.

For the average worker that still goes into an office each day, and spends at least 8 hours, thats a lot of time in one spot without worrying about the energy impact. Energy Star figured "@ Work" was the next logical step in helping people modify their lifestyles to use less energy. The precursor, @ Home has gone through several changes - after launching Energy Star @ Home, the program then asked users for feedback and then updated the tool, including adding specifications for seasonal changes such as winterizing your home. To find out more or send tips, check out Energy Star @ Work.

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