Energy Policy: Asleep at the Spigot

crowded highway photo

"Americans have seen the current oil crisis coming for 30 years. But analysts say chances to head it off were ignored, missed or blocked." - that is the subhead that says it all. Nelson Schwartz writes a long and thorough article in the New York Times about how we got into this mess, and how this may be "a fundamental repricing of the commodity responsible for much of modern American life, the impact of that change will affect everyone from home builders and homeowners in exurbs to corporate leaders, landlords and commuters in cities."

Unfortunately, the vision and action to fix things still seems lacking; for example, Newt Gingrich, who fought efforts to tighten fuel standards when he was in office, still says about regulations: "They will work if you coerce the entire system and if you pretend the American people are Japanese and Europeans. Our culture favors driving long distances in powerful vehicles and the car as a social expression."

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