Energy Plant to Use Poultry Biomass for Fuel


In Benson, Minnesota, Fibrowatt, a Philadelphia-based developer, builder, owner, and operator of biomass-fueled energy plants, has become the first U.S. power plant that will be fueled primarily with poultry litter. Currently under construction, the plant is about 125 miles west of Minneapolis. The plant will consume about 700,000 tons per year of biomass; about 90 percent of that will be poultry litter (mostly turkey), with the remaining 10 percent encompassing other agricultural biomass. This will allow the poultry industry an alternative way of disposing of yucky by-products, though TH is unsure of the drawbacks that come with using poo for fuel, or the measures to be taken to confirm cleanliness. Still, it appears to be a good idea, at least in theory. The plant is expected to begin operating in early 2007. Never thought we’d say this, but here’s hoping lots of companies become chicken-shit conformists. Via Sustainable Business ::Fibrowatt [by MO]