Energy Crisis Leads to Green Measures in Argentine Companies and Citizens

(Video: A very funny TV commercial to encourage energy savings. It is in Spanish, read about the idea and some references below) Usually, crises lead to solutions. This is especially applicable to Argentina: it happened with the economic crisis in 2001, when local design bloomed; and it seems to be happening now, with an energy crisis that has encouraged companies and citizens to embrace measures they would not have other way. On one hand, a presidential resolution forces big companies to cut down 45% of their energy consumption from 4pm to 12am. On the other, the national energy supplier Edenor has carried away a campaign to raise awareness in the citizens.
The first measure has created energy saving plans in some of the biggest companies in the country. Automobile company Fiat, for example, has made its employees enter an hour before and leave the building by 4pm, when the energy restrictions begin...

Via ClarinPetrol company Petrobras turns its heating at 4pm, and turns the lights off in the entry hall and deactivates 50% of elevators at 6pm; saving 30% of the amount of energy they used before. The Hipotecario Bank, that has to cut off 40% of its bill, has started to rotary cut the light in different floors, and ask its employees to turn off their computers when they leave the building. Sheraton Hotel only lefts lit in its front the flag masts' lights, and some of the rooms-ails have the night lightening mode all day long. Other companies that have taken measures include Wal-Mart, shopping centers like Paseo Alcorta or Patio Bullrich, Molinos, and even sport courts have cut off the night shifts.
The second measure (the campaign by Edenor) has reached consumers all over the country to cut their energy bills. The first commercial was made with a major advertising agency appealing to a public figure called Victor Sueiro, famous for having 'returned from death' and 'having seen the light'. The characters ask him: "When you saw the light, did you remember to turn it off?". The data is significant, as Argentine-advertising really reaches consumers with humor and ridiculous references like that.
But as money is still the main stimulant for a society still recovering from the 2001 crisis, Edenor has also set a series of discounts if your energy bill from this year is lower than the same period last year.
In case all these measures are not enough, anyway, the government has announced -among strong critics from environmental sectors- the finishing of the country's third nuclear plant and the building of a fourth one. See our coverage here.
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