Emory U Students Pledge to Do 3 Green Things


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As part of their larger Campus Sustainability Initiative, Emory University (GA) students are being asked to commit to each doing three green things in their personal life and on campus. While the program is voluntary, the university has taken a commitment to sustainability and recognizes that this will only be achieved with the help and participation of the entire campus community.Categories for pledges include, "energy, sustainable food, water conservation, protecting green space, recycling, and other sustainable issues." The commitments are not merely fluff either, with things like "I will commit to dine in, walk to a restaurant, or pack a lunch to avoid unnecessary driving during the day," "I will disable my screensaver" and "One flight up. Two flights down. I will take the stairs instead of using elevators."

Each semester students are encouraged to update their pledges and add additional ones as they make their 3 pledges of sustainability part of their daily routine. The program is voluntary and students can sign up online to report their commitments. Students, faculty and staff of Emory University are all encouraged to participate in this voluntary program. The pledge website is very easy to use, with a list of choices under each category and radio buttons for easy selection. Several of the items also have a "did you know" link, which explains the data behind each action and also dispels some urban legends related to some of these green activities. :The Emory Report:Office of Sustainability Initiatives
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