Emissions-Free Autos? Who Knew? Not the UCS, and Not You.

Yesterday, the NY Times ran a story covering the newest trend among auto makers: claiming that their cars have absolutely no emissions. Apparently, Toyota, Ford, BMW, and others are “financing an advertising campaign aimed at politicians that asserts that automobiles are ‘virtually emission-free.’" If you’ve crossed a street lately, or seen a car around your town, well, then, you’ve probably already used your powers of deduction to determine that this just isn’t true. The Union of Concerned Scientists sure noticed, and promptly got their panties in a bundle over it... at which point they quickly countered the campaign, generating 20,000 complaints, which were sent to the Federal Trade Commission, and a smart-ass counter-campaign (see image at left). An informative Q+A on the UCS Action Network Web site points out flaws in the car-makers campaign, and presents its counter-argument. What’s that you say? You’ve got your organic cotton panties in a bundle, too? Send a letter to Ms. Lydia P. Barnes at the FTC to say that like the UCS, you think the zero-emissions ad campaign is a dangerous farce, too. ::Union of Concerned Scientists [by MO]


Auto-makers ad. We buy it. Riiiiiight.