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Let's be clear, we know farmers are heroes without any help. But, the new Farmers Can Be Heroes program is helping farmers step it up a notch by offering resources to help conventional farmers transitional to organic. The Rodale Institute initiated the free online course and resources calling on their 80-odd years of experience with organic farming and gardening research.

OK, so how can you help?

Organic cereal maker Nature's Path , and Organic Valley family of farms have teamed up to support the campaign, which is where you come in. When you purchase one Organic Valley product and one Nature’s Path product and mail in both proof of purchases, in return, you will receive a free, one-year subscription to Organic Gardening magazine and a chance to win a year of free breakfasts (organic milk and cereal). On top of that, the companies will donate $1 each for every proof of purchase mailed in for a contribution of up to $50,000 to the campaign. The money will be used to enhance curriculum and outreach to farmers.

This campaign is especially timely in response to the recent Mother Jones article that argues that local and organic agriculture are not sustainable enough. It's time to move beyond basic organic and local ideologies. One of the great things about the Rodale Institute and this program is that they have developed organic no-till growing methods. Tim LaSalle, CEO of Rodale Institute, talks up the rationale of the program:

With today’s warming atmosphere, increased toxic load of our water ways and water sources, soil loss, and increasing concerns for human health, there is no work more compelling than the research and education the Rodale Institute is performing. Finding ways to produce food that is healthier and safer for families while providing the single largest means to take CO2 out of the atmosphere and store it in the soil is critical to our commitment to the world. Organic production of food begins the return of health to the planet while making for healthier people. Become a life saving hero with us, and eat organic!

The campaign website for the public, Eat Like A Hero, will be live on March 12.

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