Eliot Spitzer, Governor-Elect of New York State, Wins One For The Environment On The Way To His New Job

Dow Jones Newswires (subscription only) reports, via AP, "The U.S. Department of Energy will set new standards to increase energy efficiency in 22 household appliances under an agreement announced Monday by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. Fifteen states and New York City in September 2005 sued the Energy Department for failing to enact stronger energy standards required by Congress. The suit led by Spitzer claimed the federal agency has failed to set tougher requirements for manufacturers that would save electricity, natural gas and oil. Although we've not yet read the findings of the court, our guess is that this puts the US appliance and electronic goods market almost on a par with most of "Old Europe," and that the appliance makers with global vision and strong green design programs aren't going to complain much.

The rest of them (you know who you are) need to get a green design or marketing program going.

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