Elementary Kids in New Zealand Find Local Stream is a Classroom Like No Other


With all the fascinating eco-destinations in the world there are to travel to, it sometimes amazes me to see how easily a simple, local stream can excite and motivate kids to get involved in one way or another protecting the environment.

Take these kids at the Glendowie Primary School in New Zealand, who found that cleaning up the simple winter stream behind their school building as a beautification project has helped them understand the concept of sustainability and the benefits of thinking long term in a way they never did before. And they've recently won a merit in Forest and Bird's Green Schools Awards for their efforts to clean up their local stream, but it's not been without a whole lot of hard work and dedication. That's meant sacrificing lunch hours and devoting their Tuesday lunchtimes to growing plants from seedlings and clearing garbage and weeds from the stream.

When the plants were ready they planted them along the bank of the stream, and utilized money raised from selling worm tea produced by their school's worm farm to buy pavers for the area so people could more easily access their efforts.

As student Thomas Whitely points out, their hard work has made a difference... "It was pretty bare and barren before, and there were loads of weeds," though now "There's a lot more birds than there used to be "

It may not work for every school, but I think it's another great example of how kids and schools can get involved to make a difference.

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via:: Sunday Star Times

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