Electronics Products Environmental Assessment Tool Unleashed

According to InfoWorld, Dell and Hewlett-Packard (HP) hope to gain millions of dollars in government contracts now that they have listed dozens of their desktops, laptops and monitors in a database of environmentally sustainable IT products, [EPEAT - as covered previously in Treehugger] the companies said Friday. "Dell hopes to win some of those contracts by listing 28 products in the EPEAT database, HP has listed 32 products, ".
"From Monday, IT buyers at government agencies and institutions will be able to search a database called EPEAT , the Electronics Products Environmental Assessment Tool. Computer manufacturers can register their products at the site by certifying they have met the standards listed in IEEE 1680, a standard for environmentally sustainable electronics set by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers."

Just think about the annual budgets of the US States and a myriad of Federal agencies. More "free-market" fun here than a barrel of RoHS monkeys. Environment and economy: you guys look marvelous!

Ready for a surprise? According to an EPEAT PowerPoint presentation linked to the official site:, 'Other Users of EPEAT include:'

• Kaiser Permanente

• Minnesota

• New Zealand Department of Defense

• San Jose, California

White House Executive Office of the President