Electric Utilities Unite in Favor of Climate Change Bill

On Wednesday, Democratic Senators Feinstein and Carper received an unexpected endorsement for their recently introduced climate change bill. Representatives from six of the nation’s largest electric utilities gathered in Washington D.C. to announce their collective support for the legislation that proposes to cap greenhouse gas emissions. The Feinstein-Carper bill calls for electricity providers to reduce emissions by 25 percent of projected levels by the year 2020. If passed, this legislation would have a direct impact on the endorsing utilities: PG&E; Corp, FPL Group Inc., Entergy Corp., Calpine Corp., Public Service Enterprise Group, and Exelon Corp. Together these utilities operate in 42 states and supply 15 percent of U.S. electricity needs. This endorsement is certainly noteworthy as the six utilities demonstrated a dramatic difference in ideology from the rest of the industry, whose trade association, the Edison Electric Institute, continues to oppose mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions.