Electric Scooter Maker Vectrix Begins its Second Life

vectrix electric scooter photo

Photo: Vectrix
Saved by GP Batteries
It looks like Vectrix 2.0 has been born, risen from the ashes of the bankrupt Vectrix thanks to the help of GP Batteries, a Chinese company that bought most of the assets of the electric scooter maker. The new Vectrix has opened its new US Head Quarters and development center in New Bedford, Mass, close to where it was headquartered before.
vectrix electric scooter photo

Photo: Vectrix

According to Earth2Tech, "the newly relaunched firm expects to develop a handful of new vehicles over the next several years, including more affordable models for consumers in the U.S. and internationally."

The VX-1 (pictured above) should stay the "Vectrix core", but other models will be developing, potentially even models targeted at fleet operators since they tend to weight more heavily long-term maintenance and operation costs than individual customers.

Of course, it wouldn't be surprising if the next generation of Vectrix scooters used GP Batteries' battery packs...

Via Earth2Tech
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