Electric Power Research Institute Gets A "Can Do" Attitude On Climate


The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has released a study that shows that "the aggressive development and implementation of a full portfolio of advanced electricity technologies could reduce the economic cost of cutting future U.S. CO2 emissions by more than 50 per cent while meeting the continuing growth in demand for electricity." All this, and they haven't even accounted for the economic loss that would result from the "do nothing" alternative.

"Previous EPRI work has shown that absent investments in advanced technologies, significant reductions in future emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases will result in higher prices for electricity and natural gas, and reduced economic growth."

"However, by developing and deploying advanced electricity technologies, such as a "smart" electricity grid, plug-in hybrid vehicles, new advanced nuclear reactors, and clean coal technologies with carbon capture and storage, this EPRI study shows that the same cuts in future U.S. CO2 emissions could be accomplished at much lower cost, saving as much as $1 trillion in future U.S. economic growth under some scenarios analyzed." Via::Power Engineering Image credit:: EPRI report cover excerpt. TreeHugger comment after the fold.We note that EPRI seems to be assuming, as a base case, that carbon dioxide from coal-fired anything would be sequestered - good progress. The always controversial reliance on additional nuclear generation capacity is also noted; but, so is active consideration of conservation. More of that please.