Electoral College Of Energy Efficiency: Another Way To Consider Mccain v.s. Obama

Matt broke the ACEE state energy-efficiency scorecard story with: California Leads the Energy Efficiency Race: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy Releases 2008 Scorecard

In their state-by-state analysis (2008 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard), the ACEEE found that California ranked first in "promoting energy independence with cost-effective energy efficiency instruments". Oregon, Connecticut, Vermont, New York and Washington rounded out the top six places. Minnesota and Massachusetts tied for seventh place. Wisconsin and New Jersey were ranked ninth and tenth.

Be sure to look at the latest US electoral college projections map, presented below, . Note: while TreeHugger is not partisan, we do want to point out the choices made in environmental policy.

Image credit:RealClearPoliticsLikely electoral college status, Obama/Biden v.s. McCain/Palin

The entire executive summary of the ACEEE ranking report for 2008 may be downloaded here (pdf file). This summary includes the map shown above, explanation or methods, and full table of results for all USA states. An excerpt of the top tiers from the table is presented below.

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