Election Results: Canada Does Not Go Green

Canada has a new government. "I've identified five priorities in this campaign," Conservative leader and now Prime Minister Stephen Harper told CBC News. "In fairness, the environmental planks are not in the Top 5, but they're in the platform and they are things we are going to proceed with." Including pulling out of Kyoto. As Tyler Hamilton of Clean Break said yesterday: "the party many expect to win today's election is the least committed to tackling environmental degradation, developing renewable energy and investing in clean technologies." He continued: "If you drive a Hummer to the corner store, chances are you couldn't care less. If you have children suffering from asthma, if the stink of the city makes you ill, or if you long for snow in January, it's certainly something to think about as you choke on car exhaust on the way to the polls." ::Toronto Star

A blogger we know suggested that voters might confuse Stephen Harper with Prime Minister Paul Martin and elect Steve Martin as our new Prime Minister but alas it did not happen.