El Segundo's First Annual Environmental Expo


This past Thursday, before the madness of the 4th of July set in, the City of El Segundo, California held its first ever Environmental Expo. Summer was in full swing as people shopped for organic corn and grass fed beef to grill, and for green bikinis to wear, over the holiday (And you know you are in Southern California, when there is a booth at an environmental expo with green bikinis.)
I stopped by the Whole Foods booth and exchanged a plastic bag for one of their signature cloth bags.

At the Southern California Edison booth, a friendly couple displayed energy efficient light bulbs and dispensed energy saving tips and coupons for appliances.


A pair of smiley enthusiastic girls ran the Nikster booth. Nikster's one-of-a-kind green bikinis, which are made from organic soy, bamboo, cotton, and hemp, are manufactured in San Diego. 5% of sales go to sustainable and wildlife non-profit organizations, and an eco-beach tote-bag comes free with purchase. The company's slogan: "You can make a difference—one bikini at a time!"


Electric Bike has just opened an Electric Bikes LA outpost in El Segundo, and they were giving people test drives of their eZee bikes. Considering how often I normally drive or bike in New York City, they might have thought more carefully about letting me try one, since I nearly plowed down a nearby booth. Those electric bikes definitely have quite a kick. I daydreamed about using one to get to work during the hot and humid New York summer without being sweaty and smelly upon arrival. (I would never take these on the 105 or 405, but I am also a wimp.) The owner of Electric Bikes Seattle gracefully demonstrated biking around on his black folding electric bike. They also sell non-electric folding bikes.


The expo was sponsored by the Metropolitan Water District and took place on Main Street. As well as many eco-friendly products and services, the expo also featured interactive demonstrations on how to reduce energy and water use. Solar roofs, green roofing, and compact fluorescent bulbs were all enthusiastically explained to expo attendees. It was a pleasantly green way to begin a too short holiday weekend.

Whole Foods
Green Bikinis
Electric Bikes
Southern California Edison
Metropolitan Water District

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