Eight Of Ten Climate Registry Companies Reducing Carbon Emissions Regardless of Government Policy

climate registry emission reduction regulation chart

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A new survey of Climate Registry members shows that over 80% of their 400 member companies are planning on reducing their carbon emissions regardless of any government regulation. A similar amount said the main driver of their climate mitigation plans was a desire to be more sustainable organizations. The number two reason: Saving money.

climate registry emission reduction motivation chart

Increasing Energy Costs Will Have Big Impact, Green Consumer Pressure Limited or None
Other interesting results of the survey include expected impacts on business operations over the next several years:

51% say increased energy costs will have a significant impact and another third saying they will have a moderate impact.

47.6% say regulatory requirements will have significant business impact; the same amount said regulations will have moderate or limited impact.

Only 16.7% say consumer pressure to be green will have a significant impact, with 40.2% say the impact will be moderate. The greatest percentage (41.1%) said green consumer pressure on their business will be limited or no impact at all.

climate registry business pressure chart

Members of The Climate Registry include Ford, Walmart, Eastman Kodak, Virgin America, the USPS, Levi Strauss, Amtrak, the University of California schools, and more.

Read more: The Climate Registry Annual Member Survey Results [PDF]

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