Eight Headlines We Hope To See in 2010

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Personal Climate Chair, Design By Dr. Oilystein
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This post updates last year's "10 Headlines We Hope To See in 2009.

Looking to stay on the sunny side of the street, we put our heads together one more time Here are some headlines we'd like to see hit the news wires in 2010. As before, "some reach for the stars; a few are silly (but culturally relevant). Go ahead and call us dreamers; we'll be over here feasting on the optimism while it's still in the air."

  1. World's first "personal carnival ride", the Climate Chair, hits retail shelves.

    It can take a lifetime to adapt to a new reality; and some never do. Unless, you've got technology hot enough to shake up Glenn Beck and Friends of the Earth at the same time. Taking a cue from Stewart Brand's op ed piece in the Times, Climate Chair designers set out make a product capable of turning climate denialists into skeptics, and environmental "calamatists" into "climate warrners."

  2. Electronics makers agree to make fewer chargers.

    So you won't have to always buy more "stuff", fill power receptacles with power vampires, and have behind-the-desk wire tangles.

  3. Republican Senators Join Washington DC Protest March In Support Of Strong Climate Action.

    Besides drawing more independent voters, they won't end up like this guy did.

  4. Coal Industry Forced to Invest in Reducing Mercury Emissions and Shoring Up Ash Ponds.

    Hoping we'll go BACT to the future.

  5. James Hanson And Exxon-Mobil Stop Pursuing Same Objective

    Good, because the whole world is on another page. (If Al Sleet, the Hippy Dippy Weatherman were still alive, he'd do some standup with this one.)

  6. Ford Targets Farmers With F75 Pickup - Half the Horsepower of an F150

    Same as last year. Because you really don't need all that power in the suburbs. Un-pimp our rides, please.

  7. Grandmas Everywhere Called Out Of Retirement To Teach Canning and Cooking!

    This one, too,is the same as last year, because it's cheaper and better for you. Kelly has the basics explained here.

  8. "Made In USA" gets a consumer stimulus package of its own.

    Much like last year: "Made in China" becomes understood to mean lost jobs, toxic ingredients, and refusal to take climate change seriously. This kind of shallow patriotism would be good for jobs as well as the planet.

Eight Headlines We Hope To See in 2010
This post updates last year's "10 Headlines We Hope To See in 2009.

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