Edward Burtynsky's Devastating "Oil" (A Slideshow)

edward burtynsky oil photos

A landscape photograph by Edward Burynsky can be as frozen as it is arresting. But stare at his portraits of China's Three Gorges Dam or the Alberta tar sands, and you can almost make out Earth in motion. In his massive prints, the built and natural environments slam into each other like tectonic plates, driven by a global economy hurtling forward at full steam. Even if there's little actual oil to be seen in his latest project, the Canadian photographer and Worldchanging partner still offers a stunning portrait of how this fast-depleting resource rules our world.

Alongside a new book published by Steidl, an exhibition of "Oil" is on view at Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC, and at New York's Hasted Hunt Kraeutler.

edward burtynsky oil photos


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