EDF Drops Opposition To Proposed Texas Coal Plant


photo via flickr

No less than Dr. James Hansen of NASA has said that to slow and reverse climate change, we must phase out the use of coal. Thanks to the efforts of the Sierra Club and others, there were no new coal plants built in 2009. But today the Environmental Defense Fund dropped its opposition to a new coal plant in West Texas, after the plant's developer agreed to reduce the water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.EDF spokesperson Jim Marston said that Tenaska, which is developing the plant, deserves praise for reducing the additional amount of global warming pollution that the plant will emit. "Rather than argue, Tenaska found a creative solution," Marston said.

That's an interesting comment from EDF, which was also behind the Waxman-Markey climate bill, a landmark piece of legislation, but one that gives away billions to the coal industry.

The agreement says that the plant will capture at least 85 percent of Trailblazer's carbon dioxide emissions. The plant will also use evaporated water to cool the plant, instead of the massive amounts that a conventional coal-fired power plant typically uses.

Added Marston:

"This is the first time a company has agreed to capture and sequester a large portion of CO2 in a state where there is significant retail competition. The era of building traditional coal plants without carbon capture and storage is over."

Texas leads the country in wind energy production with about 9500 installed MWs.

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