Ecotricity CEO's Electric Car Takes Shape: Your Help Needed to Name It

Wind-energy Entrepreneur Pursues Electric Sports Car
Back in May, Dale Vince, CEO of UK-based wind energy developer Ecotricity, released a little more information about his forthcoming electric sports car project, which he insisted was "not another Tesla", and only a few days ago he was musing as to whether the UK grid could handle all-electric cars. For those who have been itching to learn more, Dale has just posted the above video update on his Zerocarbonista blog about his wind-powered supercar — with plenty of technical information for all you gear-heads out there:

"Our first focus was the batteries - where to put them to keep the weight in the car in the right place in terms of centre of gravity and front/rear weight distribution. And how to house them so that we can keep them physically restrained but control their temperature during charging and discharging and protect them from the elements.

We've also been working on a 'transmission box' to sit at the rear of the car between the wheels. It's not a gearbox as such just something to slow down the rotational speeds of the motors a bit, to make them more suitable for driving car wheels, and handle reverse as well, a useful consideration . And we've got a transparent rear boot planned so we can show off all this techno stuff, Ferrari style. That could look pretty cool."

Sadly, there's no talk right now of rolling these out in any numbers — the video talks about the project more in terms of limited production runs, and of throwing down the gauntlet to the major car companies. And we almost forgot — Dale and his engineer chums are in need of help when it comes to naming the car, so head on over to his blog and leave your suggestions in the comments. No word yet on whether the creator of the successful name gets a free car, or at least a ride in Dale's car, but it's worth a try

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