Ecosia Search Engine Raises $330,000+ For Amazon Rainforest

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Green search engine Ecosia was already making waves at its first birthday, by which point it had contributed $160,000 to WWF's Jureuena rainforest project in Brazil. Now, six months later, the search engine (which is powered by Bing) has raised $334,202.63 for the rainforest, and that number keeps climbing.The Guardian, which calls Ecosia a "mask" for Microsoft's Bing search engine, reports that 80% of the revenue from search advertising goes directly to WWF, which runs the Tumucumaque rainforest project in northern Brazil—home to about 54% of all bird species in the Amazon and the last major unpolluted water reserves in the Neotropics (containing about 20% of all the Earth's water), according to Ecosia.

The Guardian also says that Berlin-based Ecosia reports an estimated 700,000 searches a day, offsets the emissions from each search, and runs its own servers on green energy.

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