EcoOptions Magazine from Home Depot Canada


Getting people interested in buying green products is more than just doing a cost-benefit analysis, they have to understand the issue and want the product. We recently posted on Home Depot's EcoOption campaign in Canada, where they are introducing thousands of green products. To spread the message they have just introduced EcoOptions magazine (on FSC paper, of course). Graphically, it is up there with mainstream shelter porn, making the products look good, showing how they work, and explaining complex issues like FSC Certification. A good example is the ode to a rake, shown above- making this object a lot sexier than a leaf blower. It's put together by Green Living Enterprises, who also publish GreenLiving, subject of an upcoming post. Congratulations to Home Depot Canada's President (and editor-in-chief) Annette Verschuren. We hope you sent a copy to Bob Nardelli; people keep asking why they can't get EcoOptions in the States. The entire magazine is available online at ::EcoOptions