Eco-treadsetters: TreeHugger and Yokohama Tires Join Forces on New Eco-Community

Most TreeHuggers are probably aware that keeping your tires properly inflated can significantly reduce vehicle fuel consumption. However, developments in tire technology that can contribute to a greener future are perhaps a little harder to name. Nevertheless, Yokohama Tire Corporation has been working hard to green both its operations and its products, including achieving complete zero waste from all manufacturing facilities in Japan, and achiving ISO 14001 certification for its US arm. It has also developed a tire which will be available in Japan later this year that reduces petroleum needed in manufacture by 80%, and also improves fuel efficiency by cutting down on rolling resistance.

TreeHugger has been collaborating with Yokohama to celebrate and develop the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation with the launch of a new online community called Eco-treadsetters, which will serve as a forum for like-minded greenseekers to learn more about environmental issues, debate hot topics, and stand the chance of winning hot, environmentally related prizes. Tadanobu Nagumo, president of Yokohama Rubber Corporation, set out the agenda for the new site in his welcome message:

Planet Earth is faced with critical environmental challenges never before encountered. All of the companies in the international automotive arena -- including my company, Japan-based Yokohama Rubber Company (YRC) -- must examine our approach to global warming and the depletion of energy resources. The goal should be to immediately dedicate ourselves to helping this generation mobilize to create a sustainable society.

The collaboration offers TreeHugger an exciting new opportunity to take our green content to another new audience, and so far we’ve contributed a number of our ever-popular guides for How to Go Green, as well as posts exclusive to the site on everything from an introduction to carbon offsets to the eco-ethics of eating meat. The site also boasts a number of forums, with topics running from "what's the coolest green band", to swapping ideas on community environmental projects. Regular participants can even increase their chances of winning prizes such as $100 i-tunes gift certificates the more they come back. ::Eco-treadsetters: via site visit::

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