Eco-philanthropist Shot and Killed in Toronto


Glen Davis was a quiet, private multimillionaire who gave millions of dollars to the World wildlife Fund and the Sierra Club. He spent most of his time trekking in the wilderness and supporting environmental causes. Elizabeth May of the Green Party says

"He largely took his father's fortune and liquidated it in order to be a full-time philanthropist. He was an extraordinarily generous person," May said. "Everybody is just devastated. The entire conservation movement in this country is going to be just devastated."

"I think it's fair comment to say he gives away millions of dollars a year," Stephen Hazell of the Sierra Club said. "He's been probably the greatest wilderness philanthropist in Canada over the past number of years, although not many people know about him."

He was shot in the parking garage in WWF headquarters; police think it was a planned hit. The Canadian environmental movement has lost one of its biggest supporters. ::The Star

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