E+Co: Non-Profit Funds Sustainable Start-Ups in Developing World (Video)

Photo: Josh Weinstein

Whether or not the developing world does so sustainably is one of the great questions of our era -- and the answer relies as much on its national leadership as its aspiring entrepreneurs. As such, there's a huge opportunity to define business culture throughout the world in a sustainable context. Which makes E+Co, a 15 years young non-profit that connects budding green entrepreneurs with the funding they need to get (or keep) rolling, more important now than ever. The company's work was just recognized in the Zayed Energy Awards as a runner-up at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. I had a chance to chat with E+Co CEO Christine Eibs Singer, and she explained what makes the organization tick:

And for a great example of their work in action, listen to Saraj's story (sorry if I spelled your name wrong, Saraj):

Seeding investment in sustainable start-ups is worthy work indeed -- see E+Co's website for more information on their work around the globe.

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