Eco-Judgementalism: Umbra Suggests an Alternative

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"Judge not, lest ye be considered a self-righteous eco-prig more interested in the appearance of greenness than in making true planetary progress."

So begins Umbra's first letter of the New Year over at Grist, and it's an important point for us all to remember. In tackling the sticky subject of judging greenness, Umbra picks up on a theme I talked about in my posts on eco-snobbery and green living as passive aggressive preaching, and she also suggests a solution to this all too common condition. Do something. THat's right, rather than trying to sit around and figure out who is the greenest green of them all, we'd be better off, says Umbra, spending our time getting involved in making the world a better place. After all, sustainability is the biggest team sport of them all:

"The very layeredness of your question--how to stop judging the judgers--suggests that we are all in danger of losing sight of the true reason for "being green" in the first place. It is not so that we might win a contest, or parade our virtues about, or be in a position to make snide comments about those who don't appear to have seen the light. It is so that we might make this planet a healthier, happier place to live."

Amen to that. Head on over to Grist to get the full force of Umbra's thoughts on green judgementalism. For those of us who continue to battle the absurd notion that environmentalism is a religion, it's important that we also battle the behavior that makes it appear like it is one. Thanks Umbra for starting the year out on the right foot.

Eco-Judgementalism: Umbra Suggests an Alternative
So begins Umbra's first letter of the New Year over at Grist,

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