Eco Floating House is Serene Answer to Real Estate Woes

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If you've always wanted to live in a houseboat, but the low roof and basic living conditions put you off...then the ecofloat is for you. It is a little house that floats.

These sustainable floating homes can be built to measure, anything from a one bedroom to a two storey house and delivered to your mooring on a lake or a river. It seems like paradise can be bought, at least in the summer.

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Spotted at the Ideal Home Show, the model suite was beached on land, but overlooked a water fountain, for a slightly nautical feel. It was a spacious one bedroom with sliding glass doors leading out to a nicely sized deck.

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The designers used to live on a boat and decided to get serious about the business. Their ethos is "to construct healthy, ethical homes that enhance the countryside and deliver maximum comfort with minimum energy bills and a small carbon footprint."

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Photo: B. Alter

The boat sits 18" below the water, with a steel hull, so waves and stormy weather should not be a problem with that kind of ballast. It is not motorized, and it is not a cruiser, it is meant to be stationary.

It will have a green roof, created by Enviromat, which will be made of sedum mats. The house boat can be energy self-sufficient if the owners so choose. This could incorporate solar heating, photo galvanic cladding, wind turbines, waste water treatment together with passive energy control systems like green roofs.

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Photo: ecofloatinghome

The boats are built locally with British products. They are delivered to your mooring of choice by a tug boat. It's such a lovely idea; so far they have sold seven just from being seen at the Show, and they hope for more orders.

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