Eco-Children's Book an Overnight Sensation as Santa Goes Green

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When a children’s author can sell 13,000 copies in just a month without the support of mass-market booksellers there’s reason to believe this one just may be a hit with your kids. And with Christmas just around the corner and a price tag of $15.95 there’s no doubt the price is right as an eco-themed stocking stuffer to round out your list.

But what’s this suddenly hot selling children’s book about?
Well, it’s about a small boy named Finn who writes Santa and asks him to help raise awareness of global warming. Finn’s drawn to the issue because he has, somehow adopted a polar bear, and he realizes that polar bears in general are losing habitat to global warming.

Essentially, our hero Finn tells Santa he doesn’t need any toys for Christmas, but instead wants our big red friend’s help in spreading the word about what can be done to solve the problem.

And there’s no doubt that the book itself has done just that, for as associate publisher Brian Lewis puts it, "It's really word-of-mouth people buying copies."

And the book itself is fully preview-able online via their website, a factor credited with the quick success of the book itself. Perhaps its’ a great chance to pick up a gift at a reasonable price for that special child on your list?

Via: USA Today
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