Eco-Birthdays With a Charitable Twist


With parents everywhere desperate to make their child's next birthday party the most meaningful one ever it's no surprise that there comes a time when gifts just aren't enough. In fact it's probably well past that time indeed, and two fed-up moms are aiming to point us all in a new direction with ECHOage; an innovative online party planning tool that provides children and their parents with the opportunity to protect the environment while saving time and money in the process. Perhaps not surprisingly, co-founder Alison Smith declares that " ECHOage is convenience and conscience wrapped up in a big green ribbon!"And it's really quite simple. The birthday child and their parent pick out a pre-screened charitable organization via the ECHOage website, and then ask expected partygoers to make a small donation of $10-$30. Then the folks at ECHOage send half the cash on to the charitable cause, and the other half to the child holding the party for the purchase of one special gift as opposed to a veritable mountain of perhaps less-than-loved items that so often accompany these types of events.

All told, the company's mantra of 'One Gift, One Cause' makes a whole lot of sense environmentally, and it seems to be a pretty sharp way of managing the attendant madness of your child's next birthday as well.

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