Echoing Green: Source of Seed Money to Bright Ideas Everywhere


Every year, Echoing Green awards two-year fellowships to emerging social innovators who are busy creating new organizations, providing them with the seed money and technical support that enables them to green light innovative ideas turning dreams into reality. And with the deadline of December 3rd for 2008’s round of funding not too far away, it seems to me they just might be worth considering as a resource if you’ve got a positive, unique idea you’re trying to turn into action that can make a difference in the world.

If the truth be told it’s a multi-tiered selection process. And they’re looking for unproven but innovative, intelligent and talented people of all nationalities, heading into a variety of fields across the globe.
A terrific example of someone who’s been able to launch a successful organization through an Echoing Green fellowship is Michael Gainer, a life-long community activist and carpenter with a dream. Ultimately creating the non-profit Buffalo ReUse, and which is now successfully deconstructing many of the 10,000 vacant homes in that city, while turning the materials back into new construction. His organization alone keeps 4 million pounds of building materials out of the landfill each year, selling them locally through a Home Depot style warehouse rather than shipping them off to the dump forever.

Since inception in 1987, Echoing Green’s been able to invest approximately $25 million in 450 social entrepreneurs and their organizations.

Maybe your idea is next?

via: Accidental Web Encounter