eBay's Ban on Ivory Starts Today, But Will It Help?

elephant mother and calf photo

Photo via exfordy

Today is a happy day for elephants because eBay's ban on ivory sales begins today. We saw the ban pop up on the Hugg radar a few months ago and are interested to see what happens now that the rule is in effect. From CNET:

The proliferation in the illegal trade of wildlife species has been aided by the use of the Internet. In a recent report (PDF), the International Fund for Animal Welfare found that about two-thirds of the global online trade in protected wildlife takes place on eBay's platform. The group said that poachers kill more than 2,000 elephants in Africa and Asia annually to meet demand for ivory products.

With many eyes upon them, and other countries similarly stepping up, we're hoping eBay's move will help in the effort to shut down illegal and unregulated ivory trading. However, there is a significant argument to the contrary. Slate.com notes that regulated online sales via sites like eBay would help elephant conservation efforts, and eBay's broad-stroke approach could hinder a market that could keep elephants and humans at peace with one another.

We'll have to wait and see how the effort plays out, and we're sure there's going to be a lot of tweaks to the rule as effects of the ban unveil themselves.

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