Eating Meat and Drinking Milk From Clones?


Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that the FDA is poised to endorse marketing of the cloning of animals for public consumption. "Farmers and companies that have been growing cloned barnyard animals from single cells in anticipation of a lucrative market say cloning will bring consumers a level of consistency and quality impossible to attain with conventional breeding, making perfectly marbled beef and reliably lean and tasty pork the norm on grocery shelves," the story states. And although cloning could solve a number of long-standing farm problems, many think it's a huge public relations campaign. Surveys show that more than 60% of the U.S. population is uncomfortable with the idea of animal cloning for food and milk but after thorough evaluation, reports indicate that the food from cloned animals is as safe as the food we eat every day. The decision is expected by the end of this year. Read the full story Via ::Washington Post


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