Eating Foil Balls and Extension Cords: the 48hr Film Competition

Dangerously Disconnected From our Food
"It's easy if you stick to a few basic principles — no real food and nothing from living things [ ] You can't genetically engineer something that doesn't have genes."
Tom Bardwell in Hard to Swallow

The folks at Equal Exchange are true activists — they have already weighed in on TreeHugger about recent changes to USDA organic coffee regulations, and they've developed some innovative ethical investment options. So I was delighted when they called me and asked me to take part as a judge in their 48 Hour Film competition — the theme being "Dangerously Disconnected from Our Food".
13 teams from Boston, Seattle and Portland were given 48 hours to create a movie, and the results were fantastic. From outlandish sci-fi comedies to musicals to the surreal sight of people chowing down on aluminum foil balls, you certainly couldn't fault anyone for lack of originality. The winners of the judges choice award, "Hard to Swallow" by Portland's Bouncing Poodle Productions, is shown above, while the winner of the People's Choice award - "How Vast A Sea" — is included below.

For the rest of the movies, check out the competition website- I can promise you won't be disappointed! If anything, the toughest challenge we had as judges was in choosing between films that pretty much all deserved an award. As is often the case with such competitions, our decisions were rarely based on one film outshining the others in excellence, but a much more nuanced discussion. In short, they all rocked and I'd like to pass on our congratulations to each and every contestant.

Equal Exchange / 48 Hour Film Project Invitational

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