Eat Your Greens(wash)

Subway riders have had this bizarre ad staring them in the face all week. A big bowl of frozen french fries with the tag line "Eat Your greens." But McCain's doesn't mean that a serving of Rustic Oven Chips is as good as fresh vegetables. According to a spokesman "That's not the idea at all." Apparently it is all about the 4 green "traffic lights" on the right hand side of the ad. They are part of the Food Standards Agency's new food labelling scheme which indicates how healthy different foods are according to their rating system. The chips have scored "green" on four different categories. So the green means the traffic lights, not that they are vegetables. Get it?

Not everyone does. So far there have been three complaints about the Rustic Oven Chips ad claiming that it is misleading because potatoes do not count towards the required five portions of fruit and vegetables and do not count as "greens". McCain's is launching this upmarket premium brand to try and resurrect the failing french fry industry now that people have started to understand more about healthy diets. They say that their new Rustic Oven Chips are the only ones to score "green" on all four counts: low in fat, saturates, sugar and salt. Treehuggers are familiar with the concept of greenwashing but this one takes the cake, oops, vegetable. :: Guardian