Earthquake Survivors Take Refuge In Peruvian LPG Plant


One more for the "you just can't make up stuff like this" file. On on August 15, 2007, it is reported, an earthquake destroyed all or parts of 80% of the buildings in and around the Peruvian City of Pisco, 'killing more than 500 people and injuring more than a thousand others.' The area is now recovering. From this disaster comes an object lesson for those contemplating which energy sources are most desirable.

Remarkably, Pluspetrol’s nearby liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) plant and terminal, including the subsea cryogenic pipeline that joins them, withstood the quake.
Numerous citizens took refuge on the LNG facility property and some remain there as the cleanup continues.
According to Tom Glagola, AMEC Paragon’s project director, the plant was strategically placed onshore one kilometer from the shoreline, beyond the 100-year estimated tsunami run-up wave line. Based on early feasibility studies, the team applied conservative design safety parameters for the foundations, considering the Peruvian coast was prone to earthquakes and tsunamis.

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Via::Yahoo Finance, "Pluspetrol LPG Plant Survives and Provides Shelter After 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake Devastates Pisco, Peru" Image credit::Business Wire.

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