Earth Keepers Heroes: Your Vote is Needed Now!

changents earth keepers image

Image credit: Earth Keepers/Changents

From Dirty for Swain - Christopher Swain's high profile swim through toxic waters - to London's Project Dirt - an initiative aiming to highlight what happens when communities act together for the environment - Timberland and Changents Earthkeepers Campaign is highlighting some vital projects that are changing how we think about the environment. Now you can help get your favorite Earth Keepers hero the publicity they deserve. Changents and Timberland are asking internet users to vote for their favorite Earth Keepers heroes - and to spread the word through their favorite social networkin sites. The plan is to get 100,000 votes by November the 1st, and if that is achieved the campaign will unveil a publicity stunt that should get the winning entry a whole heap of attention in the national media.

Besides the work of Christopher Swain and Project Dirt, other heroes include Andrea Bacaks - a photo activist documenting green projects in NYC; Cate Trotter - a green trend spotter; and Nate and Sami - a pair of designers creating recycled "street packs" for the homeless, and an eco-makeover show for inner city homes.

Undoubtedly some will scoff at corporate money co-opting green activism, but I for one am delighted to see green marketing campaigns that channel much needed funds and attention to grassroots activists fighting for real change. I'll be voting. Will you?

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