Earth Hour Roundup


Building-in Earth Hour, 24 hours a day "The objectives of Earth Hour are laudable but, this being the industrialized world bent on tokenism and protecting modern conveniences at all costs, don't be surprised to see a lot of people switch lights off for an hour on Saturday night and just assume they've done their part. The real question we ought to consider head-on as we float through this year's Earth Hour is: What am I doing about climate change for the other 364 days and 23 hours of the year? ::Globe and Mail
One hour can help switch fate of Earth "At 8 p.m. Saturday citizens of Atlanta will join millions of people around the world in turning off nonessential lights for one hour. Earth Hour is a bold statement in support of action on climate change. On this historic evening, the city of Atlanta will demonstrate to the world how, by working together, each of us can begin to make a positive impact on this global issue." ::Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Earth Hour turns spotlight on emissions "Earth Hour may see people switch off their lights for just one hour on Saturday night, but organisers believe the environmental message will be everlasting." ::Sydney Morning Herald

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