Earth First! Activists Arrested Protesting Maine Wind Farm - 'It's Too Big'

new turbines kibby mountain maine photo

New turbines on Maine's Kibby Mountain. Image credit:Wikipedia.
Kennebec Maine Journal covered a recent anti-wind power protest, which involved several arrests and someone chaining herself by the neck "to a truck carrying a turbine blade.". A sort of a Green Tea Party, it sounds like.

Go EF! Between this and Joe Barton apologizing to BP for the Obama Administration making BP put a bunch of money in escrow to cover the Gulf spill cleanup, an important political window has been opened. It's big enough for visionary leaders to drive a big rig right up the middle - loaded with public support for reasonable and practical compromises.I wonder, had the protesters and their supporters thought seriously about climate change before they embarked on this protest? The lynx they are anxious to protect from wind power development need more than wilderness: they need a climate suitable for the ecosystem they live within.