Earth Day Heads-Up: Pres. Clinton to Speak at Fortune Mag's Brainstorm: GREEN Conference

bill clinton speaking photo What do you do when you're a former president who still wants to stay active after being the most powerful man in the world? If you're Bill Clinton you start the Clinton Global Initiative, a Foundation, and give lots of keynote presentations at conferences. And when that intersects with the green world, TreeHugger covers it.

Case in point is the announcement that President Clinton will be giving the keynote speech at Fortune magazine's Brainstorm: GREEN Conference on Earth Day.

That's Wednesday, April 22nd, in case you're a little hazy on what day is actually Earth Day; I know things get blurred sometimes, with 'days' morphing into '(insert cause) month'.

Here are some of the other heavy-hitting green business leaders and thinkers who will be in attendence:Bill Ford, Ford Motor Co.; David Crane, President & CEO, NRG Energy; Van Jones, President, Green For All; Shai Agassi, Founder, Better Place; Ray Anderson, Founder, Interface Inc.; Michael Brice, Executive Director, Rainforest Action Network; Jeffrey Hollender, President, Seventh Generation; and really, a whole host of more confirmed speakers who you ought to be paying attention to if you're interested in green business.

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photo: Roger H. Goun via flickr (Creative Commons)
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