E Magazine September/October Issue

It's tempting to make a crack about the new issue of E/The Environmental Magazine being "as dull as dirt," but writer Tamsyn Jones' cover story on soil presents a fascinating overview of soil science and the damage a range of human activities have done to this valuable resource (and, yes, that's our favorite eco-model Summer Rayne Oakes on the cover). Sidebars fill in the blanks on desertification, toxic sludge, and the dearth of new soil scientists. Once you get beyond the dirt, the September/October issue also covers Wal-Mart's new-found "crunchiness," environmental accounting, a potential link between light exposure and breast cancer, and products such as frozen organic entrees and natural futons. Finally, fellow eco-blogger Starre Vartan has the goods on hanging your laundry out to dry. ::E/The Environmental Magazine: September/October 2006