E-Drive Systems Delivers Plug-In Prius to California


News about plug-ins is popping up like little hybrid mushrooms. The President, The New York Times, Scientific American and, most significantly, Boing Boing are all talking about plug-ins. These next generation hybrids hold the potential to give us 100+ mpg cars that can’t run out of juice (see our beginner’s guide). An important step forward was made this week as EnergyCS, a California engineering firm, delivered its first EDrive equipped Prius to California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD). The AQMD plans to use the plug-in Prius for testing and evaluation, and may purchase up to six more this coming September. This also marks an important step towards a commercially available plug-in conversion system, which EnergyCS plans to market under the EDrive brand. "The delivery of the demonstration vehicles is a significant step towards a commercial version of the system," said Greg Hanssen, President of EDrive. :: EDrive Systems