Duke Power, BMW Explore Solar Power Partnership


Duke Energy Corp. is reportedly discussing with BMW Manufacturing Co. the potential for building a solar energy plant at the car company's Spartanburg South Carolina USA facility. Well, isn't that a German sort of response to US government pressure?

Duke and other utilities are facing government requirements to use less coal-fired power and more renewable energy, which is pushing them to find cost-effective ways to set up solar and other renewable energy systems.

That's one of the values of having a company ruled by European values located in the US. There's other evidence of BMW being renewables focused here.

The factory uses methane piped from nearby Palmetto landfill, where the gas is a byproduct of decaying garbage. The company uses it to power generators for 63 percent of its electricity needs. It would use power from a solar plant to increase that percentage, said Bobby Hitt, a BMW spokesman. The company called Duke about improving the efficiency of its methane gas-fired generators and that led to talk of the solar possibilities.

The BMW Spartanburg facility has published a Sustainability Report which details how the facility saved 9.5 million gallons per year of water from painting operations.

Now if they could just make a fuel efficient vehicle that power-obscessed Americans would want to buy.

Via::TradingMarkets, "Duke explores solar site in S.C." Image credit::F Gould, BMW Assembly Plant in SC

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