Dude, Torch My Ride


There is a long history of torching cars to get out of onerous leases- one car dealership had a "rotisserie program" where people wanting new cars would go to the dealer who would hire an arsonist, collect the insurance and sell them a new car. Now,with rising gas prices, big cars and long leases, torching is hot again. Just call your local arsonist, leave $ 300 in the glove box and goodbye gas guzzling SUV, we are off to the Prius store. "Because of the way the economy has gone, the gas prices skyrocketing the way they have, we started to see a peak" [in arsons, California investigator] Rowe said. "People that had the gas-guzzlers that got eight miles per gallon, they started to get hit hard. They didn't want those cars anymore." ::Edmunds.com