Dubai's Jumeirah Beach Closed Following Invasion Of "Wild Brown Trout"

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Jumeirah Beach, Dubai
Image credit: Sonia Verma

Beaches filled with sewerage: what a fitting 'epilog' to the decadent design and development tale that was Dubai.

According to the Times Online, in their story Sun, sea and sewage in the playground of the rich in Dubai, Plan A was for the sewerage and chemical waste of a population of over a million to be driven out into the desert and dumped. Plan B, which was implemented, apparently, without official sanction, has a much-reduced carbon footprint compared to Plan-A. Plan-B is at least in keeping with all the grand, "green" architecture. It involved "honey wagon" drivers saving gas by dumping their noxious loads in storm drains discharged on the beach where tourists and rich tenants hang. Management systems. Public health departments. Sewerage collection and treatment plants. Who needs 'em?

It may be unfair to expect the people of a desert to have a deep appreciation of water borne disease, the need for proper wastewater systems, and enforcement of public health standards. That said, there is a lesson to be learned that applies anywhere boom cities arise.

Dubai, not so different after all!
Urban elegance stems not just from architecture and attractive street lights and roads. All high-density living absolutely requires what so many politicians and Think Tanks have demonized of late: expensive sewerage collection and treatment works, up-to-date environmental laws and regulations, and enforcement of health standards. Whether you are in the US Republican Party, a local official in waste-overrun Naples Italy, or a public works official in Dubai, Miami, Chicago, or San Diego (all urban areas with beaches) - these needs will be as everlasting as the germs we so collectively fear.

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