Drilling Near Historic Nuclear Test Site Proposed


The gloves are on. The drilling bits sharpened. We knew, after the recent price upticks in gas and oil, that wildcatters would want more access to parklands and offshore from tourist beaches. Now, it's obivous that no stone will be left unturned. From the Post Independent of 22 March we learned that: "Two landowners urged the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Monday to deny a proposal to drill for natural gas near a nuclear blast site"..."On Sept. 10, 1969, at a site on the north slope of Battlement Mesa about 12 miles southeast of Parachute, a 40-kiloton nuclear explosive was detonated 8,476 feet below ground surface. [A Texas-based company], proposes to drill within a half-mile radius around the blast site". Based on the solar radiation distribution plot from City-Data (shown here), solar photovoltaic energy development might offer a more favorable risk-benefit tradeoff. But if all you have is a drill, every landscape invites a well. Or something like that.